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I'm Suffolk by trade and CR in the game world, who I really am isn't the point. I like to draw and I like to write, so be ready to see a bunch of scribbles and read a few tales.


List of Games I play, along with my gamer tag:

Aywas : Suffolk (#52346)
Elgard : Esna
Fantasica : CoyoteRain (#61826369) : Suffolk Eifi



I’ve been meaning to do one for a while! I recently hit another one of the numbers I’d kinda been thinking about doing a giveaway for (for like the eighth time, I keep missing them lmao) so I guess it’s time to do this thing

★Winner 1
Your choice of either one mini in the style above, or three teenies in the style below.

★Winners 2, 3, and 4
A single teeny for each person!

★Rules rules rules
• I don’t care if you’re following me I’m not gonna check that shit and I can’t imagine that you’d actually be interested in getting art from me if you don’t even follow my art blog soooooo
• Like or reblog to enter, I really only recommend reblogging once because I’m pretty sure it only shows up in the notes one time ??!? Please don’t flood my dash lmao
• Keep your damn ask box open, if you win and I can’t contact you I’m moving on to the next person! Also, if you don’t reply within two days of me sending you an ask I’ll move along to the next person.
• I’ll be offering this on dA too, and you’re welcome to enter there as well, but you can only win once!
• This ends in a week on next Tuesday, the 5th, when I’m back in the state.

Both of these styles are really best suited for critters! I don’t care if you ask for your oc, your pet, your friend’s character, a Pokemon, whatever. You can ask for humans if you want but this style is really not suited for them and I don’t recommend it! Only one character per image, unless you and your friend both win and want your characters together or something.

I think that’s everything !! Thank you for all the support over the years everyone.. (´ω`★)



A Motion Picture Event 28 years in the making. ENDER’S GAME arrives in theaters and IMAX on Nov 1! Will you be ready?

I can die happy

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You know how people say keep your black cats inside around halloween? Cat was in the window watching things like normal, we hear a crash, realize someone fucking shot a marble through the glass. They were a bad shot so the little dude is fine, but bailed too fast for us to even get a glimpse. Don’t know if they slingshot it and ran or shot from a car, but they were GONE within 20 seconds of impact.


Please, all, watch out for your black cats!

The actual fuck? I don’t understand why anyone would try to hurt those little darlings.

Signal boosting like the wind.

Ugh. I have a tuxedo cat whose a runt and you can only see the white on her nose and a mostly black calico. If anyone messes with my cats they’ll definitely be in for it.  :I

Please keep your black cat out of any street facing windows during the month of October!
Any windows that are not facing a secured yard are not really safe, especially in more populated areas.

not only do people like to throw things at the windows in an attempt to hurt them, there have been cases of people opening or breaking windows to steal the cat.

Keep all cats out of windows if you want to go the better safe than sorry approach!
Currently not letting mine in the window unless I am sitting right there with him.

I know I keep reblogging black cat safety stuff this season guys but it is a serious issue and is worthy of repeating.

Ever since we rescued Beetle we’ve trained him to not sit in the windows, specifically in anticipation of Halloween. Black cats are the biggest victims of Halloween inspired cruelty. If you need proof, just look at how many shelters stop adopting out black cats around Halloween.. it is to prevent them being adopted as props for parties or flesh to batter and bruise because our fellow human beings simply aren’t all good.

Be careful with ALL your animals this Halloween. With black cats, take special care, but as with all holidays that have masses of strangers roaming the streets after dark for any reason, get your pets indoors. If you can’t, hide them. Tarp your ponds, keep the outside dogs and cats in, bring in the turtles and tortoises, if it is alive keep it out of view. Because some malicious soul might decide it would be more fun to make them dead.

Reblogging again for good points made above. ^

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